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I've been a SAF Army vehicle mechanic for about 15yrs and after that i worked as a workshop mechanic for about 10yrs. Then, i went into car accessories trade in the early 2000 till now. All installation jobs are done by me personally as I'm running a one-man operation 亲 力 为 安 装。This is to ensure that I serve my customers with quality work & to provide my utmost best to my customers whether in enquiries, products or installation matters as i attend to them personally & thus understand their needs better. With my experience as a vehicle mechanic for so many years, i'm also able to share my knowledge related to vehicles with my valuable customers. GOD BLESS ! 

      Marbella KR8S Pro

Uncle Wong install first set this model in March 2020 till now.

GPS Tracker

Uncle Wong install first set of GPS Tracker in 2015 till now.

C C T V for Residential & Commercial

Uncle Wong start to install

C C T V in 2017 till now.

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